[PyKDE] Building applications with XML "pages"

Jonathan Gardner jgardner at jonathangardner.net
Fri Nov 21 09:28:00 GMT 2003

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I've been doing a ton of web programming recently, and one thing that is 
nice is that I can define any interface with XML / Perl markup. (I am using 
HTML::Mason and Text::Forge heavily). So I can make changes to the 
interface and the code changes are right there as well. Seperating all of 
the "thinking" that isn't related to the interface into modules makes 
things easy to maintain and portable.

I keep thinking about how Qt Designer generates these XML files that get 
translated into application code via pyuic. We can do something even more 
extreme - write a script that combines some modules with an XML template 
and glues it all together. Maybe we can put some magic into the XML 
documents so that they can be set to be executed directly?

So the majority of the programming can occur either in the modules OR in Qt 
Designer. With the ability to embed some code in the XML document Qt 
Designer generates, nothing is going to be impossible with this system.

I was inspired by Mozilla's XUL + javascript. Did you know the entire 
Mozilla app -- the Email reader, the Editor, the Javascript Debugger - is 
all written mostly with Javascript and XUL? It blew me away when I found 

Any thoughts on this?

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