[PyKDE] Qt data structure support

Eron Lloyd elloyd at lancaster.lib.pa.us
Mon Nov 17 20:51:01 GMT 2003

On Monday November 17 2003 2:12 pm, Phil Thompson wrote:
> On Monday 17 November 2003 4:06 am, Eron Lloyd wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > For a project I'm developing I'm thinking about the need to possibly move
> > it to C++ one day, thus there will be the issue of portability.
> > Currently, PyQt strips out most of the Qt generic data structures
> > (QArray, QDict, QMap, etc.). Will this always be the case?
> Almost certainly.

Fair enough.

> > Would it hurt to have them
> > available?
> Most of these are template classes.
> > I remember someone mentioning needing QMap support, and that SIP
> > 4 would potentially support it. Is the same true for the other types?
> There are no plans to support template classes in SIP v4.
> > It's
> > really no major, I'm just curious.
> The obvious thing to do is to define a Python class which you know you can
> easily re-implement in C++ and use it consistently in your application.
> While I tend promote PyQt as a RAD tool for C++ applications, I've never
> heard of anybody actually doing it. After your C++ version, will you then
> possibly move it to assembler one day ;-)

Moving from Python to assembler would be an effort of insanity ;-). I guess I 
was simply thinking of the large number of overlap between Qt and Python, for 
areas such as container types, network sockets, threads, XML, datetime, etc. 
and wondering whether it was better to go one way or the other. I wonder if 
anyone would find a matrix of Python vs. Qt overlap and usage recommendations 
for each useful? I could begin compiling one if anyone is interested. Perhaps 
we can add it as an appendix to Boudewijn Rempt's book! Anyhow, thanks for 
the clarification.


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