[PyKDE] Internal error in python.py PyKDE 3.8.0 over python2.3

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Thu Nov 13 17:16:00 GMT 2003

On Thursday November 13 2003 05:12, Mateusz Korniak wrote:

> OK. IMHO bug is there build/discover.py 605:610
>         if opts.has_key ("-i"):
>             qtInclDir = [opts ["-i"] ]
>         else:
>             qtInclDir = [os.path.join (self.qt.path, "lib") ]
>         self.qtIncl = DiscoverQt3Incl ("qglobal.h",
> [os.path.join (self.qt.path, "include")]+qtInclDir)

> As qtInclDir is seqeunce type it should be added to list, not
> included as element.

OK - I'll fix that and check the rest of the options as well.

> But I've hit another problem:
> We keep all sip files in /usr/share/sip, but build.py expects
> always to be in PyQt-x11-gpl-3.8.1/sip/:

> PyQt lib directory is /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages
> PyQt lib version is 3.8.1
> Discover(target='PyQt-x11-gpl-3.8.1/sip/qtmod.sip',searchPath=
>['/usr/share/sip']) DEBUG: searchEntry:  '/usr/share/sip'
> *** Error: PyQt sip files directory -- not found
>  (['/usr/share/sip'], PyQt-x11-gpl-3.8.1/sip/qtmod.sip)

> I'm not sure but I think switch -v should mean directly
> directory containing sip files ... ?

Yes  -v /usr/share/sip should work

Also, check the PyKDE-3.8.0 HTML docs for build.py options - you 
might want to use -z if you have a lot of options.


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