[PyKDE] sip: sip/qtmod.sip:33 parse error

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Nov 12 03:01:00 GMT 2003

On Tuesday November 11 2003 16:28, Heath Feather wrote:
> I received the following Error when trying to build PyQt.

> **********************************
> Generating the C++ source code for the qt module
> **********************************
> sip: sip/qtmod.sip:33 parse error

> I was using PyQt-x11-gpl-3.8.1 and sip-x11-gpl-4.0pre3.
> Examining the file qtmod.sip, line 33 contains the following
> %C++code, Then examining the changelog for this version of
> SIP, on 2003/10/24 phil stated the following.

> 2003/10/23 18:28:27  phil
> Renamed %C++Code to %TypeCode or %ModuleCode depending on the
> context.

> Changing this line to %ModuleCode allowed it to go further.
> Then it died at line 23 of qglobal.sip. This line is as
> follows

> %HeaderCode, this too is supposed to be renamed to
> %ModuleHeaderCode or the like.

> So the question is. Have I downloaded the wrong packages, or
> should I keep pressing on making these little fixes ?

> Any help would be appreciated.

This is really Phil's to answer, but since it's after midnight in 
the UK, I'll give you a provisional answer and Phil can correct 
me later ...

You probably could, with considerable effort, get PyQt-3.8.1 to 
build with sip 4.0. However, there are a *huge* number of syntax 
changes you'll need to make throughout *.sip (including deleting 
a lot of no longer needed code).

Phil doesn't (as of a couple days ago when I asked him) have a 
PyQt that's buildable with sip 4.0 at the moment - PyQt is "in 
transition" - he's in the process of making all of the changes 
in the previous paragraph (and perhaps debugging sip a little 
too). He indicated to me that he would post to the list when a 
sip 4.0 compatible PyQt will be available - probably not too 
long from now.

For anyone curious, I haven't started on a sip 4.0 compatible 
PyKDE yet - maybe in another week or so (start that is, not 
release). In my case that's updating tools, not PyKDE code, so 
there won't be a snapshot until it's fairly complete. Probably 
the same release as KDE 3.2-final support.


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