[PyKDE] diff behave PyQt/3.7/3.8 on i.e. QColor.__eq__()

kscalet kscalet at innternet.de
Tue Nov 11 13:40:00 GMT 2003

That used to work with PyQt 3.7, but now with my new installation
of PyQt 3.8 it no longer does:

-- code fragment --
c_sav = None
c = QColor()
if c != c_sav:
    c_sav = c
-- -- -- --
Traceback (..):
RuntimeError: Cannot pass None as argument 1 in this call

As I said, this code worked before. Not a big deal to work around,
but I wonder why / what's the difference.

Thank you for your ideas,


PS: using precompiled binaries for Windows (2000)

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