[PyKDE] Building PyQt as 1 shared library

Ulrich Berning ulrich.berning at desys.de
Thu Nov 6 08:33:01 GMT 2003

Peter Kropf schrieb:

> Does anyone know if it's possible to build PyQt so that there is one 
> shared library that contains all the code instead of the 8 
> (libqtcanvascmodule.so, libqtcmodule.so, libqtextcmodule.so, 
> libqtnetworkcmodule.so, libqtsqlcmodule.so, libqttablecmodule.so, 
> libqtuicmodule.so, libqtxmlcmodule.so) as there are today?
> - Peter
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> 650-812-6081 Desk
> 408-482-9427 Cell
> pkropf at legato.com
It is possible, but then you can't load them as shared modules any 
longer because the statement 'import xxx' results in a search for a file 
named 'xxx.so' or 'xxxmodule.so' in the python paths. If the file could 
be found it is loaded and a function named 'initxxx' gets called. The 
only thing you can do whith such a library is creating a new python 
interpreter linked with the shared library, having all modules available 
as builtin modules. I have done this for AIX, Linux and Windows. If you 
have one of this platforms, I can give you some hints/scripts how to 
create a new interpreter.


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