[PyKDE] disconnecting PYSIGNAL

Toby Dickenson tdickenson at devmail.geminidataloggers.co.uk
Mon Nov 3 11:26:01 GMT 2003

SIGNAL connections get automatically cleaned up by Qt when the recieving C++ 
object is destroyed. It appears that PYSIGNAL connections get automatically 
cleaned up when the recieving python object is destroyed.

I currently have a problem where I am destroying a c++ object (using 
deleteLater) but the python object lives on (I guess due to a reference cycle 
somewhere). This half-dead object still continues to recieve PYSIGNALS, which 
I wasnt expecting. checked with PyQt 3.8.1, qt 3.1.2 on windows, test script 

Im sure I will fixing the reference cycle eventually, but I dont want to rely 
on that for program correctness. Is this a bug in pyqt? Is there a way to 
manually disconnect all PYSIGNALs to an object?

Or perhaps my use of deleteLater is the problem.... is there a better way to 
remove closed view windows from a QWorkspace?

Thanks in advance,

from qt import *

class A(QObject):

class B(QObject):
    def bbb(self):
        print 'in bbb'
        print self.children()
        print 'dont get here'

a = A()
b = B()

app = QApplication([])
#b = 0     # deleting the python object would make the problem go away

Toby Dickenson

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