[PyKDE] QtDesigner - simpler proxy

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Nov 2 22:58:00 GMT 2003

My revisions to the QtDesigner plugin are attached. I did the 

1. Revised the build procedure slightly. 

2. Revised pyqwidgetplugin.cpp - refactored 'init' slightly and 
modified 'create' as discussed in an earlier post. Added more 

3. Revised proxywidget.cpp - this needs to be included in the 
Makefile now (and is using the .pro file in the attached). 
Revised proxywidget.h.

You should be able to untar this into the PyKDE tree, change to 
the directory created, and run: 

python build.py && make && su -c"make install"

It doesn't really depend on PyKDE, but some of the lib and 
include paths might still be relative to PyKDE's tree.

It also doesn't install libpythonize - you can symlink or copy 
that to somewhere accessible via ld.so.conf or LD_LIBRARY_PATH. 
A number of other libs (libsip, libqtcmodule, libqtuicmodule - 
maybe others) also need to be accessible in the same manner.

If this builds and installs correctly, you should see 
"FileChooser" and "StockWidget" in the "Inputs" section of 
QtDesigner. You generally won't see any error messages if it 
doesn't load correctly when QtDesigner is started. The most 
common reason is that some need lib isn't locatable. You can run 
ldd on libpyqwidget.so (should be in $QTDIR/plugins/designer) 
and look for any "not found" tags.

This is far from being usable - it's still under development.

"Works for me (tm)"


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