[PyKDE] How to add more widgets to a QScrollView once the exec_loop start s?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 25 14:41:01 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 22 January 2003 4:55 pm, Tuvi, Selim wrote:
> Hi, I am developing an application that has a QScrollView widget in it. The
> QScrollView widget has a QVBox in which I add more widgets. When I
> initially add the widgets before the "exec_loop" starts I can see what I
> added on the screen. But if I add them through a button click event then
> the widgets do not get added (or they get added but I can not see them).

Widgets are hidden when they are first created so those that are created after 
the w.show() must be shown explicitly. Add l.show() after creating the 


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