[PyKDE] Problem building PyQt-x11-gpl-snapshot-20030120

Laurent Rathle lrathle at kde-france.org
Sat Jan 25 00:25:00 GMT 2003

Le Vendredi 24 Janvier 2003 19:31, Phil Thompson a écrit :
> Are you also using the latest SIP snapshot?

I've installed it, but now make complains :

In file included from sipqtQCDEStyle.h:31,
                 from qtcmodule.cpp:42:
sipqtQMotifStyle.h:52: parse error before `{' token
sipqtQMotifStyle.h:55: destructors must be member functions
sipqtQMotifStyle.h:59: non-member function `QVariant property(const char*)' 
cannot have `const' method qualifier
sipqtQMotifStyle.h:66: non-member function `QPixmap 
stylePixmap(QStyle::StylePixmap, const QWidget*, const QStyleOption&)' cannot 
have `const' method qualifier
sipqtQMotifStyle.h:67: non-member function `int styleHint(QStyle::StyleHint, 
const QWidget*, const QStyleOption&, QStyleHintReturn*)' cannot have `const' 
method qualifier
sipqtQMotifStyle.h:68: non-member function `QSize 
sizeFromContents(QStyle::ContentsType, const QWidget*, const QSize&, const 
QStyleOption&)' cannot have `const' method qualifier
sipqtQMotifStyle.h:69: non-member function `int 
pixelMetric(QStyle::PixelMetric, const QWidget*)' cannot have `const' method 
sipqtQMotifStyle.h:70: non-member function `QStyle::SubControl 
querySubControl(QStyle::ComplexControl, const QWidget*, const QPoint&, const 
QStyleOption&)' cannot have `const' method qualifier
sipqtQMotifStyle.h:71: non-member function `QRect 
querySubControlMetrics(QStyle::ComplexControl, const QWidget*, 
QStyle::SubControl, const QStyleOption&)' cannot have `const' method 

and it's just the beginning. I guess it's because it's a snapshot ?

lrathle at kde-france.org

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