[PyKDE] Custom import statements

Sven Over over at hep.physik.uni-siegen.de
Thu Jan 23 14:47:01 GMT 2003


Maybe this issue was raised a hundred times ago, but anyway, I'm new to PyQt 
and not a subscriber to this mailing list (so pleeeease, CC your answer to 

My question: how can I make pyuic put a certain "import" statement at the 
beginning of a generated py-file? I'm working on a graphical frontend for a 
device connected to a VME bus. To be quick, I write most of the code into qt 
designer, so that pyuic puts it in its py-file. To accessing the device I 
need a "import VME" statement at the beginning of the py-file. How do I 
achieve that pyuic puts it there for me. For now, I have to edit the py-file 
after every execution of pyuic.

Thanks a lot...

(and pleeeease, CC to me if you answer to this mail)


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