[PyKDE] how to determine QT include and library dir ?

Ricardo Niederberger Cabral nieder at mail.ru
Mon Jan 20 20:06:01 GMT 2003

	I have a C++ extension module using QT and I need to set the distutils include_dirs and library_dirs variable.
	My question is: How do I determine them inside setup.py ?
	I know there is a QTDIR env variable, but on my system, for example, it points to /usr/qt/2 (and I have QT 3.1.0 installed and working perfectly). So it seems that I shouldn't trust this env var, or should I ?
	I checked the configure script of some kde projects, and they all seem to check by brute force all possibilities (/usr/local/qt/include /usr/include/qt ...)

Ricardo Niederberger Cabral
<nieder at mail.ru>

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