[PyKDE] Launching an App from PyQt

Jonathan Gardner jgardn at alumni.washington.edu
Thu Jan 16 18:59:01 GMT 2003

I'm feeling really stupid about now.

I think I remember seeing a thread about someone trying to launch an 
application from an application. I am running into that problem right now.

Coming from a perl world, I never gave a second thought about how to do this. 
Now I am befuddled by the variety of options: system, popen, spawn, and so 
much more.

I've tried a few of the above with varying amounts of success. I think the 
best was something like:

os.system("python theapp.py &")

although I know that this isn't quite right. Anyone have a favorite idiom they 
like to use from PyQt?

Jonathan Gardner
jgardn at alumni.washington.edu
Python Qt perl apache and linux

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