[PyKDE] pyqt-debian

ranto yo at ranto.com.ar
Thu Jan 16 18:23:00 GMT 2003

> The short story:
>   Please, add a "sarge" (or "testing") repository to your sources.list
>   and download PyQt this way:
>     apt-get install python-qt3/testing
>   or
>     apt-get install python-qt3/sarge
> It's PyQt 3.4, but it will work in the mean time. It's not very
> likely that Qt3/G++3.2 comes into the distro before next week, so I'll
> probably upload the sip&PyQt 3.5 packages to my personal repository
> If you really need the latest PyQt, please, notice me about it and 
> turn that 'probably' to a 'right now' (this, of course, goes the same 
> the other Debian users, please bear with me).
>   [1] more info at http://people.debian.org/~rcardenes

Thanks for the long and for the short story. i will try the 
testing/unstable package as soon as i get home. By the way, the deb 
source in your debian´s personal page seemed to be (IGN)ignored? 
instead of (HIT) as the rest of the sources do when i apt-get update. 
Am i doing something wrong or what?

Again, thanks for your time.
Regards, Rafael

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