[PyKDE] QDialog multiple inheritance, causes SegFault

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 5 15:15:01 GMT 2003

On Sunday 05 January 2003 1:17 pm, Jan Fritz wrote:
> Hi,
> a month ago i read in the mailing list from problemes
> with the SuSE8.1 system, i got the update and tried
> all the things said in list, the examples in the
> PyQT package are ok, but with my own program i
> got a segmentation fault.
> I cut it down to the multiple inheritance in one
> QDialog. Later i changed the "Names" class to
> a instance in QDialog and all worked well.
> What's wrong with the multiple inheritance program
> down in the message?

My guess would be that your Names class is a new-style class, which means that 
EditNames will be as well. PyQt has no knowledge of new-style classes.

Try making Names an old-style class by removing "object".


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