[PyKDE] KMimeType.findByPath return value

Daniel Naber daniel.naber at t-online.de
Thu Jan 2 14:12:01 GMT 2003

On Thursday 02 January 2003 01:56, you wrote:

> KServiceTypeProfile.preferredService takes a QString as its first
> argument, so you should use "mimetype" instead of "mimestr".

Then the offer is None, even for things like text/html. If I ask for offers 
for "text/html" (<- as a python string), I get the problem described in 
the mail before, i.e. the broken result of name().

> offer.name(). I was using an older value of PyKDE which didn't use
> findByPath, so that may have been my problem.

findByPath() and findByURL() doesn't make a difference for me regarding 
this problem.



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