[PyKDE] Bits from the Debian maintainer

Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina rcardenes at debian.org
Tue Aug 19 15:56:00 BST 2003

Hi all,

This is a what-can-you-expect-from-Debian-the-next-few-months kind of
message, at least with respect to PyQt and related software.

Rigth now, I'm compiling latest versions of QScintilla, Sip and PyQt,
and they will sit this week on the the NEW queue, because they all have
"new" packages. libqscintilla1 has been renamed to libqscintilla3 (due
to major number soname change), and I've added support for Python 2.3 on
sip and PyQt packages, switching the default ones to 2.3 too, as Python
2.3 is the default Python at Debian right now; i.e., if you have
python-qt3 installed, if you upgrade next week you'll see python2.3-qt3

Aside from that minor announce, it was announced yesterday that Debian
is aiming to release the next Stable on December, 1st (LOL!). The
release manager has imposed a very aggressive schedule, and won't accept
new packages (i.e., completely new software) after November, 1st, but
only bug fixes. So, I'm going to:

  * fix PyQt for Qt2 packages on unstable. I've been utterly abandoned
    them the last months, but I'll fix them for inclusion on Sarge. I'll
    then maintain them for a while, but IIRC Phil said that Sip 4 won't
    support Qt2 any more, and I'll drop those packages once we switch to
    the new Sip.
    Of course, this is open to discussion, if anybody plans to be using
    PyQt+Qt2 with Debian for the post-Sarge release (two years from
    now?). I don't think anybody wants this, but...
  * Include PyKDE, PyQwt and Eric on the mainstream Debian. I'm on exams
    the first week of september, but I intend to have working packages
    at least for PyKDE by September, 15th (I'll start a 15 days
    holidays then, so I'll be able to spend more time on packaging and
    testing), and PyQwt. Eric has been packaged for a while, so I'll
    only upgrade it to the latest version and check that the package

So, PyQt/PyKDE/PyQwt and Eric should be all into Debian by October, 1st.,
and into the next stable.

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