[PyKDE] Re: Panel applets with PyKDE/Python

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Aug 19 04:26:01 BST 2003

On Monday August 18 2003 18:43, David Boddie wrote:
> Jim,
> Well, there's a simple solution to that which doesn't work in
> the way you'd originally want but will still lead to a
> solution...

> Creating symbolic links to the general library won't affect
> the name of the applet passed to the launcher since
> dereferencing appears to occur before the name is supplied.
> However, because the name of the symbolic link is used in the
> .desktop file, the configFile field provides the required
> value.

> e.g. libdefaultpythonapplet.so -> libpythonpanelapplet.so

>      This still yields

>      name = "libpythonpanelapplet.so" which is no use,

>      but X-KDE-Library=[...]libdefaultpythonapplet.so in
> defaultpython.desktop yields

>      configFile = "libdefaultpythonapplet_[...]_.rc"

>      or

>      configFile = "libdefaultpythonapplet.rc" if the applet is
> unique.

Yep - that'll work. I thought about symlinks, but didn't make the 
connection (unintended pun, I think). I think this is a good 
enough solution to go ahead with.

Thanks once more.


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