[PyKDE] Mail problem

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Aug 8 20:45:01 BST 2003

On Friday August 8 2003 10:13, Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina 

> Mh... This is because the list manager doesn't rewrites the
> Reply-To so it points to the list. There are bitter flame-wars
> everytime this issue arises, as either behaviours have its
> (usually fierce) own fanatics.

I don't have a Reply-To at all - I have Return-Paths pointing to 
the sender and to the list and a Mail-Followup-To pointing to 
the list. I imagine kmail is either picking up the From field or 
the top-most Return-Path with a plain "reply".

> Most reasonable mail readers will provide you with "Reply
> list" (with mutt, this is "L" - by default, IIRC). Maybe
> you'll need to mark the list mail address as "list" somewhere
> in your config file. Sample from my ~/.muttrc:

>  subscribe pykde
>  subscribe debian-
>  subscribe eoc at liw.iki.fi

> On mutt, this has two effects for mails that include one of
> those patterns at To: or Cc:; marking the messages with "L"
> (from a list) and filling To: with that mail address when
> pressing "L".

Apparently I need to set up a separate folder to accomplish that 
- I'd forgotten that folder config had that option.

> Mmh... You seem to be using Kmail, and Google(TM) says that
> Kmail has the Reply List feature at least from v1.2. And it
> has that convenient "L" shortcut too :-)

Yep - I added 'reply to list" to the toolbar. Now I just have to 
remember to use it (or else setup up the folder and filter msgs 
from the list to it). 'reply to list' behaves correctly for 
non-list msgs, so maybe I'll just use that.



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