[PyKDE] QMessage within QDialog

Ken Godee ken at perfect-image.com
Mon Apr 28 19:40:01 BST 2003

There's probally different ways to do this but I 
usally nest a "while true" statement to pop up dialogs/messages
and return breaks where/when I want them for the problem
your talking about.

start new dialog2 in a "while true"
eval error, popup message
close message, returns to dialog2
dialog2 only returns to dialog1 if you issue a break
close window etc.

> I have created a QDialog object from another Dialog using exec_loop().  on
> validating a field entry within the QDialog, I have used QMessage to warn of
> a data entry
> error.  On exit from QMessage the QDialog terminates and the program reverts
> to the original Dialog.  I want to return to the QDialog object that I have
> created.  What is causing the created QDialog to terminate?

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