[PyKDE] ANN: PyQt v3.6, SIP v3.6, QScintilla v1.0

gvermeul at grenoble.cnrs.fr gvermeul at grenoble.cnrs.fr
Sun Apr 27 20:13:00 BST 2003

> On Sunday 27 April 2003 4:49 pm, Marc Lavallée wrote:
> > Le dim 27/04/2003 à 09:28, Phil Thompson a écrit :
> > > The latest versions of PyQt, SIP and QScintilla have now been released
> > > and are available from http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk
> >
> > I just finished to compile and install those new releases, and I tried
> > to compile PyKDE and PyQwt without success.
In principle http://gerard.vermeulen.free.fr/PyQwt-cvs20030423.tar.gz
should work with PyQt/sip-3.4/3.5/3.6.
It may be that PyQwt does not yet handle sip-3.6 as it should. I am going
to check this now, check for a new PyQwt-cvs*.tar.gz tomorrow.

The real release will come a little bit later because of a change
in licensing and I am busy using Python's own documentation tools to
generate the docs (my fingers feel OK with LaTeX, but hurt when typing SGML).
> As it says on the PyKDE page, you need to stick with v3.5 of SIP and PyQt for 
> that.
> > > - The binary non-commercial and educational versions include a
> > > sub-package (not installed by default) of the extra SIP tools needed
> > > to build additional Python modules based on PyQt (eg. PyQwt).
> >
> > Where are the extra SIP tools required to build PyQwt and maybe PyKDE?
> As it said in the announcement, this only applies to the non-commercial and 
> educational binary packages under Windows. It's really a flag to Gerard to 
> allow him to simplify his build process for PyQwt.
Well, I hope that you also package this stuff with the commercial versions,
because most of my support for PyQwt on Windows was helping your customers
rebuilding PyQt/sip :-)


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