[PyKDE] SIP Support for C++ Operators and Exceptions

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Apr 23 22:21:01 BST 2003

On 23-Apr-03 Phil Thompson wrote:
> Tonight's SIP snapshot supports C++ operators and exceptions.
> Thanks to Oliver Kohlbacher for contributing the exception
> support (enabled through the new -e flag to SIP). However, my
> integration of it is completely untested - over to you Oliver.

Could you or Oliver provide a little more detail? For example, if
exception support is enabled, will C++ exceptions be converted to
Python exceptions? Is this automatically global support, or does it
need to be enabled per module, class, method, ? with a sip keyword?
Thanks in advance.
> Handwritten code is not needed for most operators. Existing
> handwritten code will need to be changed - see the PyQt .sip
> files for examples.

> No new operators have been added to PyQt (although the existing
> ones have been changed where appropriate). I'll get around to
> this eventually.

There is only one place I'm aware of in PyKDE (KProcess) where the
absence of operator support has been a real problem (no
corresponding method call). I've added a method (not an operator)
to support this in PyKDE in the upcoming release. I'll add operator
support for this case (<<) as well, and then review the rest of the
overloaded operators down the road (operators are in sip 3.6).
> I don't intend to do any more work (apart of from bug fixes) on
> SIP or PyQt before the release of v3.6 which will hopefully be
> next week.

PyKDE will have a bug fix release maybe early next week. I haven't
finished writing all of the unit tests, but I've caught enough bugs
to make a release worthwhile (plus patches/additions from Gordon
Tyler and Hans-Peter Jansen). 

I'll get a sip 3.6 compatible release out after that and then get
back and finish the test writing/debugging.


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