[PyKDE] setMouseTracking

Gordon Tyler gordon at doxxx.net
Thu Apr 10 19:46:00 BST 2003

Frederick Polgardy Jr wrote:
> Yeah, there's something here at the Qt level I'm not quite understanding.  I 
> just wrote exactly the same code in C++ and it does the same thing.
> Although the interesting thing is, if you slide your mouse very carefully 
> around the canvas edge, it will register mouse move events.  I think Jim 
> was probably right that, because QCanvasView is a QScrollView, the 
> QScrollView's managed widget is picking up those events and discarding 
> them.  Didn't feel like investigating it at the moment though. :)

You might want to try calling setMouseTracking on the viewport of the 
QCanvasView. If I recall correctly the viewport widget is what your 
mouse is really interacting with in a QScrollView.


   view = QCanvasView(...)


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