[PyKDE] Odd window behavior when embedding ActiveX controls

greg Landrum greglandrum at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 10 01:55:01 BST 2003

At 04:03 PM 4/9/2003, Sundance wrote:

> > Not an option.  I don't have a Qt license on windows.
>I see.
>Well... Maybe you'll want to investigate wxPython, then. I personally
>don't find it as excellent as Qt, but it's still a very decent toolkit,
>and I believe it does ActiveX embedding out of the box... I think. :)

Yeah, it does deal with ActiveX out of the box.  In fact, the code I used 
to embed ActiveX is derived from the samples distributed with 
wxPython.   However, I switched from wx to qt for a reason (really for a 
variety of reasons) and I'm not planning on switching back.

>You'll probably want to explore the QWidget doc in detail, no matter
>what... Lots of things there, so we could easily be overlooking a
>simple solution to your problem!
>Please tell us if you find the solution, it's an interesting problem!

I'll do that.


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