[PyKDE] Iterators / generators for QList(Box, View) and other?

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Wed Apr 2 16:41:00 BST 2003

Hello there,

I just wanted to ask if some version of PyQt will support iterators for 
Listboxes, Listviews etc. through generator functions or the __iter__ 
protocol? I know both are Python 2.2+ specific, but are there any plans 
to implement them, Phil? Is anybody of you interested in having them? A 
simple iterator for a QListBox using generators would look like this 
(works only with Python 2.2 or greater):

from __future__ import generators 	# python2.2 only

def ListBoxIterator(listbox):
	item = listbox.firstItem()
	while item:
		yield item
		item = item.next()
	return 				# no special need to do this

Don't know about generators yet? Read 
to get a fast intro.


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