[PyKDE] PyKDE Change in Plans

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Apr 1 23:42:00 BST 2003

Following up on Phil's "Incompatible SIP Change" message, I've
decided to make a slight change in the PyKDE release schedule.

Within the next couple of days, I'll release a snapshot of the next
PyKDE release. This snapshot will be based on sip 3.5. If you're
using sip 3.5 it will build as delivered. 

To use it with the "incompatible" sip snapshot you'll need to do the
following before building:

1. grep the sip files for "sipName":

    grep sipName .../sip/*.sip

There are only 7 occurances

2. Replace all occurances of "sipName_module_something" with
"sipName_something". For example



sipBadVirtualResultType(sipName_KDateValidator, sipName_validate); 

3. Build as usual

This seems much easier than having two different snapshot versions
of PyKDE.

For packagers: rather than send out tarballs, you can (if you want
to) package the snapshot release - your call.

There are two reasons for the delay in the "official release":

1. sip 3.6 isn't that far away, but will have the "incompatibility"
noted above and some other fixes that require minor code changes.

2. I'd really like to spend more time on the final release version
(I expect some bugs and want to add more features - better docs,
more demos, program templates, and some other stuff), but I don't
want to delay getting at least something usable out there, so this
seems like a good compromise. I don't know of any major bugs, but
that may only be because I haven't tested for them. The majority of
stuff actually used in PyKDE works very well (I've been playing
with it for a while now), but some of the more esoteric stuff needs
some testing.


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