[PyKDE] Python functions as slots

Soeren Fietzke soeren.fietzke at mscsoftware.com
Mon Sep 30 21:14:00 BST 2002

Hi Konrad,

just leave out the receiver object:

app.connect(button, SIGNAL("clicked()"), foo)

> I have lots of problems using Python functions as slots. As a simple
> illustration, take the following code (an example from Boudewijn Rempt's
> excellent book with an added connect):
>    import sys                                                 
>    from qt import *                                           
>    def foo(*args):
>        print args
>    app=QApplication(sys.argv)                                 
>    button=QPushButton("Hello World", None)                    
>    app.setMainWidget(button)                                  
>    button.show()                                              
>    app.connect(button, SIGNAL("clicked()"), app, foo)
>    app.exec_loop()                                            

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