[PyKDE] Fwd: Re: [Issue N6078] allowed distribution methods

Greg Fortune lists at gregfortune.com
Thu Sep 19 18:42:01 BST 2002

In reference to the discussion going on right now about licensing...  Yes, 
the qt dll can be distributed.  Thus, PyQt can be distrubuted allowing that 
you are not using the new commercial version of PyQt.  The end user, of 
course, would not be allowed to use qt in a development fashion such as 
fixing bugs in your application.  I think this means that if you develop an 
PyQt application that is meant to be run on windows, you can *not* license it 
under the GPL because the GPL requires that modification to the source is 
allowed, at least in my understanding.  That kinda sucks in a big way...  GPL 
apps for windows cannot be developed with Qt.  And yes, Trolltech's license 
is in the way here, but Phil's license is not helping things out...

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