[PyKDE] Solved problems with HPPA

Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina rcardenes at debian.org
Thu Sep 19 01:29:01 BST 2002


I've managed to solve the problems with HP PA-RISC arch. It seems that (at
least with gcc 3.0.4), HPPA doesn't like huge compiles (long branches, in
fact), so I do not recommend to use the '-c' option with it. Even
compiling it the regular way, there are linking-time problems, and I
solved them with these two extra flags:

  -ffunction-sections -Wl,--stub-group-size=25000

I got the solution from Debian Qt's package. I've not played too much with
the value for --stub-group-size, and I'm using the same that of Qt package,
as it just works.

Maybe Phil wants to add this info to the README for PyQt

The PowerPC seems to have the same problem. Alpha is giving some ¿syntax?
problems :-?. I'm still working on it, and on MIPS/MIPSEL (SGI
Indy/Indigo2, Digital DECStations) architecture, but Debian has no
dedicated machines for this arch aside from the autobuilders, so I cannot
try the building process directly.

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