[PyKDE] Re: Problem with: SuSE 8.0 SIP/PyQt v3.4 RPMs

Marc Schmitt littlewisp at gmx.net
Fri Sep 13 16:51:01 BST 2002

On Freitag, 13. September 2002 16:19, Miller, Douglas K (JFTI) wrote:
> I'm having a problem installing these RPMs.  See attached file.  Thanks for
> the help.


I just removed all the Py* rpms and reinstalled them with the given 
commandline options. My output looks the same, except the last  lines are :

# sudo rpm -vv -U PyQt-3.4-1.SuSE8.0.i386.rpm
GZDIO:    1290 reads, 10562724 total bytes in 2.199 secs
D: running postinstall scripts (if any)

I haven't seen this problem before, but I'd guess there was a download (or 
even worse an upload problem). Please try the following :

md5sum  /media/cdrom/PyQt-3.4-1.SuSE8.0.i386.rpm

it should print you exactly 

47617917b0bfb29049613220d6aaeffc   /media/cdrom/PyQt-3.4-1.SuSE8.0.i386.rpm

If the md5 is wrong, then you did't get the same rpm I tried to upload.  If 
you should get the same md5, this is going to be interesting ... :) (In the 
meantime I'll download the file again to see if I can get it without erros.)

Hope it helps

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