[PyKDE] PyQT Mac OS X (Again)

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 12 01:40:00 BST 2002

David Bishop wrote:

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>>The status described on the website hasn't changed. The problem is the
>>way OS X handles shared libraries and plugins - X11 or native OS X
>>support isn't relevant.
> Have you tried it on Jaguar?  I have heard that it now ships with dynlib (or 
> something) to allow more unix-like handling of shared libs*.  I would be 
> willing to test compile on my iBook, as long as you are willing to wait :-) 
> (poor little 300Mhz cpu takes a while to do almost anything...)

What's Jaguar - apart from a car that I'll buy one day, and a Formula 1 
team that used to be able to finish races?


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