[PyKDE] PyQt on HpUx 10.20...

Thierry JOUVE jouve at esrf.fr
Tue Sep 10 10:52:01 BST 2002


I've investigate on the problems concerning PyQt on HpUx10.20

Qt is working fine with C++, but as soon as the library is used with
PyQt, static members
are not initialized (initialize to 0, in fact), where as the "const
static" are 
initialized correctly. I don't know where is the problem ... All patches
have been
applied to the system, especially the patch for ld.

Any ideas about that ???

I've found a note in the Python doc ("Extending and Embedding the Python
interpreter") :

  1.11 Writting extensions in C++ :

It is possible to write extensions in C++. Some restrictions apply. If
the main program
(the Python interpreter) is compiled and linked by the C compiler,
global or static objects with constructors cannot be used,

I've try to link Python with g++, but it doesn't work better...
Any ideas ???

We have found how to "bypass" the problems, but it's not very clean !!!
If you are interested by our patch, get in touch with me.

Qt : 3.0.5
PyQt/Sip : 3.3.2
HpUx10.20 on PARISC 1.1 (s700/800)

Best regards,


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