[PyKDE] Problem running pyuic

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Tue Sep 10 10:01:00 BST 2002

Miller, Douglas K (JFTI) schrieb:
> I use version 3.0.5 of Qt and it is a SuSE 8.0 RPM.  The PyQt 3.3.2 is from
> SuSE also.  When I run 'ldd pyuic' it says "ldd:./pyuic: No such file or
> directory"  Pyuic is there though.  
Try "ldd `which pyuic`"
> If I did not compile PyQt from source, I don't need SIP 3.3.2, right?
As long as the PyQt rpm includes libsip.so, there should be no problem.

>  I can't find SIP in an RPM format for SuSE 8.0. Do you know where it can be found as an RPM?
Sorry, but I use self-compiled versions of Qt as well as PyQt.
A symbol ti15QGPluginManager should be exported by libqt-mt.
Maybe you should try out the latest builds of qt3 from SuSE (the build 
number is 46), because build 28 has proven not to work with PyQt on my 
computer (I use SuSE 8.0, too).

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