[PyKDE] Re: I Wish To Register A Complaint

Philippe Fremy pfremy at noos.fr
Tue May 21 20:01:01 BST 2002

> There are a couple of reasons why I might want SIP v4 to generate just
> one dirty great source file - but I'm a bit concerned about compilers
> choking on a source file that is several Mbytes.

I think it could be a problem if the user tries to use its computer while 
compiling PyQt. Since the compiler takes all the memory, it will swap and 
get very slow.

As far as I am concerned, firing a compilation and coming back 4 hours later 
to see if it is finished is okay. You just have to get used to it. And I 
really believe in compiler cache, it reduces the Qt's compile time from 22 
minutes to 4 minutes.

> Does anybody have any thoughts on this? 

How about one source file per module. Sounds more reasonable to me. And I 
would prefer it as an option.



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