Try it with the only actual working version on the Mac: 3.2.rc2 was [Re: [PyKDE] New postings in snapshots?]

Phil Thompson phil at
Thu May 9 01:55:01 BST 2002

Ludger Humbert wrote:
> > Sorry, I was mistaken, the file seems fine for download. The problem I have
> > is with the OS X browsers. Of the 3 that I have, IE, Opera, and Mozilla,
> > only Mozilla allows a downloaded file to have more than 31 characters in the
> > filename. But even Mozilla had trouble with the
> > PyQt-3.2.2pre1-Qt-3.0.2-MacX.tar.gz name (too many periods? dashes?).
> I installed X ;-)  (using fink)
> and therefor I work  X  (Windowmanager is Blackbox 0.62x)
> So I can use Mozilla (which took quite long time to compile) and I am
> able to download whatever is needed ;-)
> But it will not compile well.
> I tried. Dimitri told already:
> So you should really downgrade to
>         3.2.rc2

Absolutely not - unless you want to run that version for the rest of
your life.

What you should do is to work with me to sort out the problems. For that
you need to try things out and give me feedback. You don't get anything
for free.


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