[PyKDE] [cvs commit] "sip/siplib Makefile.am Makefile.in objmap.c sip.h siplib.c"

Phil Thompson phil at thekompany.com
Tue May 7 23:10:14 BST 2002

Update of /home/cvs/public/sip/siplib
In directory valentine:/tmp/cvs-serv21895/siplib

Modified Files:
	Makefile.am Makefile.in objmap.c sip.h siplib.c 
Log Message:
Added information about "--without-x" to the MacOS installation notes.
Fixed a bug in the object map code that was trying to free non-malloc'ed
Keep a separate flag as to whether C++ has an extra reference to the Python
instance rather than assume is does if the C++ object is not owned by Python.
This should fix a very obscure memory leak that happends when C++ objects get
re-wrapped while they are being destroyed.

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