[PyKDE] Basic SIP question

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The best documentation for SIP that I know of is in Appendix C
(written by Jim Bublitz) in Boudewijn Rempt's PyQt book (available
at http://www.opendocs.org/pyqt/).

When creating the .sip file from a .h file, one of the steps should
be to remove all parameter names, i.e.
   void setVar (int v);
   void setVar (int);
this should resolve your parse error.

I ran into the issue of sip not generating any output while
trying to figure SIP out a week or so ago.  I discovered that
you MUST specify the -c <dir> command line option to sip in
order to make sip generate any output.  For my test case, which
derived from QWidget, I used the sip command:
   mkdir sip
   sip -c sip -I %PYQTDIR%\sip -t Qt_3_0_2 -t WS_WIN qtestmod.sip


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I'm a complete newbie to SIP, so please feel free to direct me to any
FAQs, documents etc. that I have missed.

I'm trying to wrap a very basic class:

  class Foo {
    int var;
    void setVar(int v);
    int getVar();

with the following .sip file

  class Foo {
  #include "Test.h"
    int getVar();
    void setVar(int v);

and SIP is giving me a parse error on the void setVar() line. If I
remove the "int v" argument SIP runs, but doesn't create any output

What am I doing wrong?

-- bjorn

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