[PyKDE] mac os x support

kapil thangavelu kvthan at wm.edu
Fri Dec 27 21:34:00 GMT 2002

On Friday 20 December 2002 02:39 pm, Phil Thompson wrote:
> On Friday 20 December 2002 10:36 am, kapil thangavelu wrote:
> > is there any timeline on pyqt/sip support for mac osx? i'm mainly
> > interested in python w/ qt/x11 support under osx.
> >
> > searching through the archives, i see a message from phil, dated august
> > 1st 2k2, which outlines the problems and gives some a possible time frame
> > of sept/october. any updates to this timeframe?
> PyQt under X11 on OS/X should work fine now. There was a report on the list
> that PyQt worked on native OS/X 10.2, but I haven't verified that.

excellent. i have it working now. here's a quick report from the trenches.

a close reading of ivan porres's email from 9/12/2k2 gives basic instructions 
on installing the nesc. dependencies (x11, qt via fink) and alteration of the 
makefiles for pyqt builds. for those who are interested there is a qt3.1 fink 
package in fink cvs (under experimental/rangerrick). 

building qscintilla required adding in nonzero version and dependency info to 
the compile options in the makefile. (i built as a dynamic library)

i now have eric up and running on osx. :-)

many thanks,


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