[PyKDE] QListView problem :$

Gordon Tyler gordon at doxxx.net
Mon Dec 23 16:49:01 GMT 2002

On December 23, 2002 01:32 pm, Bart Verwilst wrote:

> I'm trying to add 2 items to a listview.. I have inherited QListViewItem in
> a TreeViewItem class of my own. Added a top item to the list is no problem.
> Adding several top items works fine as well. But as soon as i want to add a
> child node to one of these top items, my GUI just hangs.. I hope you guys
> can help me out :$

When you create the child node, you're giving it another 
TreeViewItem(QListViewItem) as a parent. But in your TreeViewItem.__init__ 
you treat the parent as a QListView and call methods which don't exist on a 
QListViewItem. You will probably find that the thread in which you're doing 
this is crashing with a Python AttributeError.


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