Julian Rockey linux at jrockey.com
Fri Dec 13 09:39:00 GMT 2002

> You must be new here - people familiar with the list know better
> than to ask that question, because it always leads to a long, boring
> explanation (see below)
Yes - apologies!....

> So, to answer your questions: I would be thrilled to integrate
> PyKDE into KDevelop (PyQt integration wouldn't be much different)
> and would be happy to provide any assistance I can (email me
> privately if necessary). I agree that Python can be a superior
> replacement for VB. Both of those fit in with the master plan
> nicely.
I'm starting out with PyQT and I'll see what I can do with Gideon - the 
general Python support seems a bit broken and unmaintained so I want to get a 
PyQT template working in a reasonable way.

> As far as putting PyKDE in kdebindings - I don't think that's
> workable, at least not under the (reasonable) conditions KDE would
> want, like putting PyKDE in CVS, for example. One issue is control,
> which I'm reluctant to give up at the moment; another issue is that
> the development system for PyKDE isn't really compatible with a CVS
> type system - PyKDE isn't developed incrementally for the most
> part, and at the moment isn't set up for team development (I'm not
> anti-social, just have had very few people volunteer to help),
> Also, I don't like CVS (mostly because I've never used it much).
The reason I asked this was that inclusion in the KDE package ensures that 
developers can be sure that almost *all* KDE installations of a particular 
release would have Python bindings - i.e. I am writing an application and 
choosing a development language - how easy is it to distribute that 
application? To get an app on many people's desktop is harder when you have 
to say "Dependencies - PyQT bindings, PyKDE bindings, etc" VB developers know 
that have no issues targeting just about any Windows desktop. But your points 
are taken, I don't know the technical issues in detail, I am sure they are 
more than valid.

> *** Please keep in mind that everything except PyKDE is vaporware.
> Aren't you glad you asked?

How about getting this explanation posted as a link on the PyKDE website - to 
avoid newcomers like me asking it all the time?

Thanks so much for taking the time to explain. Really appreciated.


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