[PyKDE] Seperate Qscintilla from PyQt

Jack Neal nealj at nls.net
Thu Dec 12 05:23:01 GMT 2002

I kinda like having everything together, at least as an RPM for my distro so
I don't have to much with makefiles and all that jazz.... I'm new at this
stuff, and the more installshieldesque something is, the better.

Is it possible to distribute both ways?  I know it takes a lot of time for
someone to put this stuff together; it seems to me if the code is sitting
out there, someone could run with it and package however they pleased.



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On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 04:40:17PM -0800, Jonathan Gardner wrote:
> be difficult to seperate Qscintilla into a seperate package, and PyQt's
> as well. While incorporating it into the PyQt package is no problem, it
> doesn't seem right.
> How does the debian package manage this?


Just translate the following to the .spec equivalents. I think the only
"hard" difference is that Debian dependencies rely on packages _name_, not
on its content:

Phil ships QScintilla as a separate package, so I packaged it _apart_ from
PyQt. At Debian we split packaging information over some files into a
directory, instead of a unique .spec file. There, we have a "control" file
that specifies (among other things), "Build-Depends" of the package, so I
can tell that I need QScintilla to build PyQt. And again, Phil doesn't
make a big module with all PyQt, but has split them, and I exploit this.

Into that "control" file we specify too which "binary" packages are
generated from the original "source" package, so I currently ship two
binary packages: python-qt3, which contains the core PyQt modules and
python-qtext (which depends on python-qt3 and libqscintilla0 packages).
This way, those who don't want Qt extensions, simply don't install
python-qtext, but python-qt3 (or python-qt2, whatever they like).

I'm even planning to split python-qt3 (which is a huge package) on several
other packages, as not everyone need, say, qtgl, or qtsql.

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