[PyKDE] SpamCop authorization code

pykde at mats.gmd.de pykde at mats.gmd.de
Tue Nov 20 21:58:37 GMT 2001

Someone (probably you) has requested that SpamCop email you an
authorization key.  You may use this key to send spam reports via
SpamCop.  Never post this URL publicly or share it with others.  If
you do, anyone who sees it will be able to impersonate you and send
email via SpamCop as if they were you.

If your key is compromised or you want to discard it, you can 
request a new one any time to erase the original one.

For quick processing without confirmation, forward spam to:
quick.PfJ1L8JR8lICXPiC at spam.spamcop.net
(currently offline - acts as thorough report)

For more thorough reporting, forward your spam to:
submit.PfJ1L8JR8lICXPiC at spam.spamcop.net

Add one or both of these to your address-book.  You may forward spam
to these addresses from any account.  Please use only one method
for each spam.  Making duplicate submissions is strictly prohibited.

Responses or errors resulting from reporting spam will always be sent
to: pykde at mats.gmd.de

Alternately, you can submit spam via the web here:

Put this URL into your web-browser.  Once you get to the SpamCop site,
bookmark that page.  Then just use the bookmark to return when you get
some spam.

If your system has somehow mangled the above URL, you may get an error
instead of the correct results.  If you do, you can complete the process
manually by visiting this page:

And entering your authorization code manually:

If you have questions or problems, please visit:

Thanks for helping rid the internet of spam!

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