[PyKDE] Installation error: undefined symbol: Py_Free

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Nov 6 19:40:44 GMT 2001

On 06-Nov-01 Jason Stock <jasonsto at spk.agilent.com> wrote:

> I get the following message when installing PyQt on Redhat Linux
> 7.0. There error is in the make install step of the build
> process it is:

> line 44, in ?
>     import libqtc
> ImportError:/projects/components/pyqt/linux/lib/libsip.so.6:
> undefined symbol: Py_Free <---- the problem

The only reference to Py_Free is in siplib.c:

   #if PY_VERSION_HEX >= 0x01060000

That seems to imply that when you built sip, ./configure didn't
pick up the Python version correctly (you seem to running Python
2.1, not some version < 1.06; PyMem_Free is what current versions
of Python use). Re-run ./configure on sip and check the end of the
output (just before the 'config.status: creating ...' lines for the
the info ./configure finds regarding Python (version and location).

You have Python in a somewhat unusual location - you
might try a symlink:

   ln -s <wherever Python really is> /usr/lib/python

and then reconfigure/make/install sip. Or else see if there's a
'--with' option for Python location/version for ./configure when
building sip. You probably should rebuild sip and PyQt after that
gets resolved. Multiple versions of Qt shouldn't be a problem as
long as PyQt is built with correct one (--with takes care of that),
and likely wouldn't cause this problem anyway.

Are you in the Spokane area (I'm outside of Chelan)?


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