[PyKDE] Question on sipConvertRx (version 2.4)

Thomas Malik Thomas_Malik%LGBANK at lbbw.de
Thu Jun 28 14:21:10 BST 2001

I tumbled over this when i used the KToolBar.insertCombo method, like this
toolbar.insertCombo( ['a' ], id, self.isEditable(),
          SIGNAL('activated(int)'), self.slotActivated, 1, self.shorttext

The slotActivated method will be called without arguments (giving me a
wrong argument count error). The sip declaration looks like
int insertCombo(QStrList *,int,bool,const char*,SIP_RXOBJ_CON,SIP_SLOT_CON
                bool = 1,const char * = 0,int = 70,int=-1,
                QComboBox::Policy = QComboBox::AtBottom);

The interesting piece of c++ code looks like
a4 = sipConvertRx(sipNewProxy_kdeui,sipThis,"()",a4obj,NULL,&a5,&iserr);

One could put an int parameter into SIP_SLOT_CON(), but there are actually
possible signal parameters, e.g. activated(int) and activated(const char*)
and i would end up being able to connect to only one of them. So i moved
the code
to a %MemberCode section doing this:

sigargs = a3; // the signal name
while (*sigargs && *sigargs != '(')
a4 = sipConvertRx(sipNewProxy_kdeui,sipThis,sigargs,a4obj,NULL,&a5,&iserr);

Then it works with both.

Shouldn't this be generally done in sipConvertRx ? Any other idea ?


Thomas Malik
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