[PyKDE] how about distutils setup script ?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 22 11:58:32 BST 2001

> Thomas Malik wrote:
> I've done this sort of thing for pyqt and pykde. To be honest, i don't
> like the autoconf/libtool stuff altogether (works very badly for me,
> in our quite non-standard environment with multiple python/qt/kde/gcc
> versions, especially the runtime library paths never work as-is on
> solaris).
> So, it's nothing more than a ~100-liner setup script for distutils
> (which comes packaged with python2.1, available for 1.5.2 also), which
> should work on any platform, and can do stuff like compiling, directly
> build rpm-packages (and sun solaris packages, with my own extensions),
> use a configuration file (where you can enter the paths to your qt/kde
> installation). With this thing, building is really easy, also with any
> version of python and qt. Should even work on Win32 (untested). It
> does also rebuild the sources (omitting the Makefiles, however ...).
> Anyone interested  ? Phil ?

Yes please. Oddly enough I'm looking at the Distutils stuff at the


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