[PyKDE] how about distutils setup script ?

Thomas Malik Thomas.Malik at t-online.de
Thu Jun 21 23:27:09 BST 2001

I've done this sort of thing for pyqt and pykde. To be honest, i don't like the autoconf/libtool stuff altogether (works very badly for me, in our quite non-standard environment with multiple python/qt/kde/gcc versions, especially the runtime library paths never work as-is on solaris).

So, it's nothing more than a ~100-liner setup script for distutils (which comes packaged with python2.1, available for 1.5.2 also), which should work on any platform, and can do stuff like compiling, directly build rpm-packages (and sun solaris packages, with my own extensions), use a configuration file (where you can enter the paths to your qt/kde installation). With this thing, building is really easy, also with any version of python and qt. Should even work on Win32 (untested). It does also rebuild the sources (omitting the Makefiles, however ...).
Anyone interested  ? Phil ?

BTW i have some patches to the qt1.44/kde1.1.2 part (menus stopped working due to a bug in QMenuData.insertItem, addition of kkeydialog and a homebrew method to get hold of the QWidgetStack of a QTabDialog, to be able to remove/re-insert pages to it).
If interested, i could send this stuff.
In some weeks, i'll publish a 'mega-widget'/utilities toolkit for PyQt/PyKDE, which allows building large PyKDE applications much easier and in a uniform manner. I've built a XMLSchema editor and a code-generating data flow graph application builder with it - this would have taken years to program with C++ , it took me only weeks! These will also be ported to PyKDE2 (once it's finished, which i would like to help out with).


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