[PyKDE] aabout Pyopengl and Pyqt (Mohamad RAMADAN)

Toby Sargeant t.sargeant at inpharmatica.co.uk
Fri Jun 15 14:42:30 BST 2001

> I have it running on Mandrake Linux. You need PQt-2.5pre1 or a CVS version to
> have the pygl extension. This works well with PyOpenGL-1.5.6.
> Gerard

The gears demo in examples/ should show how easy the QGLWidget is to use. I
basically grabbed the C++ QT gears source, and converted it almost 1:1.

basically, you inherit from QGLWidget, which you can use just like any other
QT widget, and you reimplement methods such as:

paintGL      -- refresh the display
initializeGL -- do your initial GL setup
resizeGL     -- reset your projection matrix and viewport to account for the
                new window size.

QT and GL turns out to be a *very* nice combination. I've switched from
writing C++/SDL/GL to Python/QT/GL, and until it becomes too slow to cope
with (hint: display lists are your friend), I think I'm going to stay there.


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