[PyKDE] PyQT/sip overloaded inheritance issue.

Toby Sargeant t.sargeant at inpharmatica.co.uk
Fri Jun 1 10:34:00 BST 2001

I've come across an interesting issue which has a workaround in python, but
which is, i think, worth mentioning.

QScrollView defines a virtual function

drawContents(QPainter *,int,int,int,int)

QScrollView also inherits from QFrame, which defines

drawContents(QPainter *)

If you derive from QScrollView in python, and implement the 6 argument version
of drawContents, you catch *both* the call to QFrame::drawContents, and the
call to QScrollView::drawContents, resulting in the following exception:

TypeError: drawContents() takes exactly 6 arguments (2 given)

as well as a successful call to the implementation of drawContents that the
python derived class provides.

the solution is to define the python drawContents function as:

   def drawContents(self,*args):
      if len(args)==1:
         return apply(qt.QFrame.drawContents,(self,)+args)

I imagine that things get more hairy still when there are two overloads that
have the same number of arguments but different types.


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