[PyKDE] [cvs commit] 'sip/sip gencode.c main.c parser.y'

kvs at valentine.thekompany.com kvs at valentine.thekompany.com
Sat Jul 28 01:28:02 BST 2001

Update of /public/sip/sip
In directory valentine.thekompany.com:/tmp/cvs-serv23427/sip

Modified Files:
	gencode.c main.c parser.y 
Log Message:
sipConvertFrom_*() for mapped types now leaves the handling of a NULL pointer
to the handwritten code rather than converting it to None.
The same namespace can be defined many times, so long as they are in the same
Fixed a problem testing fro -fno-exceptions.
Fixed problem building with Qt support disabled.
Fixed small code generation bug for virtual handlers and nested classes.
Fixed an extraneous const that Windows MSVC doesn't like.

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