[PyKDE] Why is Simon's libqtc.dll so small?

Simon Cusack sim at bluevolt.com
Wed Jul 4 14:10:24 BST 2001

I built it all statically, qt and sip are both in libqtc.dll, then I compressed it with upx from (upx.sourceforge.net).

I should have mentioned that it was compressed, I have been using the compressed version for a while and have
not had any problems.  My machine is Celeron 360 and I don't notice in startup lag.

I actually forgot that it was compressed.  I have had to copy it down a number of slow links 
for some clients and compressing it made sense at the time.

Does anyone have a problem using the compressed dll?

Regards, Simon Cusack.

4/07/01 5:23:16, Markus Gritsch <gritsch at iue.tuwien.ac.at> wrote:

>Phil Thompson wrote:
>> >Comparing your 'libqtc.dll' to the binary release of PyQt 2.2, I wonder how
>> >it could be so small.  It seems, that 'libqtc.dll' contains everything
>> >needed and is only about 2.65 MB in size.  PyQt 2.2 had three separate DLLs,
>> >namely Qt itself ('qt221.dll' 2.62 MB), the Python bindings ('libqtc.pyd'
>> >3.46 MB), and sip ('sip.dll' 48 kB), which sums up to 6.12 MB total.
>> >
>> >Is libqtc.dll a compressed DLL?  Because it appears to me, that although it
>> >is much smaller in size, it takes twice as long to start a PyQt program on
>> >my slow P200 than with the PyQt 2.2 binary release.
>> You should only be comparing libqtc.dll with libqtc.pyd - still a difference,
>> but not as big as you are suggesting.
>But 'libqtc.pyd' needs 'qt221.dll'.  Without it, it wont run.  For 'libqtc.dll' I
>have removed every 'qtxxx.dll' I could find and it still works.  So either
>libqtc.dll contains Qt itself, or I have missed some lurking Qt-dll.  Simon, does
>libqtc.dll contain Qt (at least it must contain sip)?

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